Online Farm Workshop

Caltech, 13-14 October 1997

Tom Glanzman and I are pleased to confirm that we will be having a two-day workshop on the online farm design here at Caltech on Monday and Tuesday, 13-14 October 1997.

The preliminary agenda for the meeting is as follows:


08:30-10:00 [Common reconstruction phone meeting]
10:00-12:00 Common Software Tools
Networking, multi-threading, graphics, etc. (See the list assembled by TG & TP)
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:00 Data Logging
Logging Manager: revisit functionality, define interface
Intermediate store and overall logging model
15:00-15:30 Break (Red Door Cafe)
15:30-18:00 General discussion
19:30- Dinner (Athenaeum)


08:30-10:00 [Forum phone meeting]
10:00-12:00 Online farm operations model and process management
Coordination of online farm machines OEP/PR/DF
Global Farm Manager: revisit functionality, define interface
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:30 Online system interactions and interfaces
(Occurrence manager, configuration databases, monitoring output, Run Control, etc.)
14:30-15:30 Farm evaluation and selection strategy
(Results to date, plans for further evaluation, schedule for decision)
15:30-16:00 Break (Red Door Cafe)
16:00-17:30 Status of work, schedule, milestones,
especially cross-subsystem milestones and dependencies, and
Planning discussion

All sessions will be in Room 248, Lauritsen Laboratory of High Energy Physics, Caltech (building 48 on campus maps). [The 08:30 phone meeting connections on the two days will either be set up in Room 248 or in Room 369.] You may find the Web page established for the Caltech Physics Workshop a useful resource for campus information.

The meeting will start on each day after the morning phone meeting time slot, around 10:00am. The meeting room will be available earlier for informal discussions, though, since not everyone will need to be in the various phone meetings. We will do appropriately social things for lunches and for dinner on Monday. Please plan to stay as late as you can on Tuesday, at least until 17:30, so that we can have a full day.

This will be a working meeting. Few formal presentations are planned, but the emphasis should be on making progress toward stable design decisions for the farm. The principal focus will be on the _infrastructure_ allowing OEP and DataFlow to cooperate with Prompt Reconstruction in the use of the IR-2 farm, and on the design and acquisition of the farm itself. General online issues as well as specific OEP, PR, DFS, and subsystem-related issues will generally only be considered from this point of view.

I suggest that visitors stay at the Athenaeum, the Caltech faculty club. The single room rate there is $52/night, and although it is possible to get slightly cheaper rooms at nearby motels, they're just not as convenient. Athenaeum reservations need to be made through a department or a member, so I would ask our visitors to contact the HEP secretary, Betty Smith ( as soon as possible with their reservation request so that we can pass it on. Please let Betty know the nights you want to stay.

Cheap round trips are available on Southwest from either Oakland or San Jose to Burbank, which is about a 20 minute drive from Pasadena. With seven day advance purchase and a single night stayover, you should be able to get a round trip fare of $84. Comparable fares are available on United from San Francisco with a Saturday night stayover and seven day advance purchase.

I propose that we have the workshop dinner at the Athenaeum at 7:30pm on Monday. Participants should let me know as soon as possible whether they will want to come to the dinner, so that reservations can be made.

See you here!



Two nearby and inexpensive motels, in case the Athenaeum fills up or
if you would just prefer them:

Saga Motor Hotel, 1633 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 91107. 
70 rooms, pool 
$62 (single) $69 (double) Standard rate 
$45 (single) $49 (double) Caltech rate 
For more information: (626) 795-0431 

Vagabond Inn, 1203 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 91106. 
53 rooms, pool 
$53 (single) $63 (double) Standard rate 
$38 (single) $47 (double) Caltech rate
For more information: (626) 449-3170 

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Senior Postdoctoral Scholar
High Energy Physics, Caltech
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fax: +1-626-795-3951